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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sometime things happen for a reason

....all this past week I have been working on a blog but nothing was coming or didn't make sense - finally put a mish-mash together and then promptly lost it in the outer reach of cyber space. Now as Martha Stewart would say.... this is a good thing because the news from the "Heartland" couldn't have been better today and deserves its own space :):)

Around 7:30 this morning we got a call from our son announcing the arrival of Celeste Gwendolynne Smith - all 6lbs 3ozs. She made her entrance much to surprise of both parents and grandparents 3 weeks early and arrived at 6:54am. Even tho the frazzeled daddy called the wrong doctor originally who had absolutely no idea what he was refering to since he was Jenns orthepedic doctor - the correct doctor (an obstetrician - yep they deliver the babies) was notified and all turned out well. Somehow I think Kevin's daddy was up above laughing at the whole episode but when Celeste arrived smiled and said "Ya done good son".

We spent the afternoon up at the hospital taking turns holding her and 'bonding' with her. She spent quite a while looking me over when I was holding her and I am sure she was thinking "this Grammie is going to be a pushover and so is Grandaddy". Yeah - we are both a little excited.

The 3 grandsons are doing GREAT and getting setteled in school. John is in kindergarten and goes all day this year so this is a new experience for him. Both Brad and Andrew are in a local football league and doing really good in it and are having a fun time - keeps their mommy running. They still have the turtles they found at our place and John has even used pictures of them in a school project. We love the fact that they will always be able to remember the neat things they have done at Grammies and Mr Toms place. Thats what life is all about - the daily day-to-day living and the little surprises when you least expect it. Mom is doing great and all settled back in after her summer up with Lee and Danny.

As you can see - life remains good here in the "Heartland"

~~he who plants a seed - believes in tomorrow~~


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