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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Welcome to the 'dog days of summer'

and to those 3 'hs' hazy-hot-humid. First off I want to thank all of you who came by and wished me a happy birthday. It was a very quiet one but a very pleasant one. Now I am officially able to collect SS but we won't go there - lol. My credo has always been - you are only as old as you feel - the # doesn't really mean anything. Mom at this age still had teenagers at home. While I can't imagine handling teenagers, I still feel young, healthy and happy for an old gal and don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Some really neat things have happened since I was last here. First and foremost - Mom finally got her hearing aids repaired and we can now engage in actual conversations. I KNOW for her it was an answer to prayer. She could hear if we talked directly at her and loud but missed so much of general conversations and could not pick up anything at church and she really missed not going there. She got the hearing aids on Wednesday and immediately made plans to be at SS and church that next Sunday. We did both services but it did really tire her out. Since then she has been sick most of the time - not sick enough to go to the doctor - just not feeling well and very tired. Again something we just have to deal with given her age.

We got some good news from Tracey. She and Kenny will be coming down the beginning of October to stay with Mom a few days which will give Tom and I a chance to get away. With Mom being our first priority all the time it will feel good to be a 'couple' for a few days. In the meantime I am on a mission of getting the 4th bedroom cleared out and made into a guestroom ( Mom has bedrooms 2 and 3 for her living quarters). It is quite a job as this is where ALL the craft stuff is - but Ruth is moving it up to her place as she moves girls out - lol. My focus is shifting away from the fabric crafts as Tom and I continue to expand the gardens so it is time for a change. It is all a part of finding out who I am with the life changes of the past few years.

The grandchildren are all doing GREAT. Celeste our little princess is growing/exploring and enchanting all those she comes in contact with. She is taking those first hesitant steps and will be walking very soon. Her vocabulary now includes 'cat and dog' - gee no surprise there - lol. Brad, Andrew and John are starting up with football this week - yep our little John will be playing this year - he was my 'baby' for so many years - it is hard to imagine him doing that. School starts the 25th with Brad going into 6th, Andrew 4th and John 1st. Now that is scary to realize that Brad will be in Jr High next year - wow. Tom and Elex have been working over the summer on a clubhouse for the boys and it is about done. The lumber and labor was our joint birthday present for the 3 boys. They are going to be able to choose the paint colors and help paint it. We will definitely get pictures of that.

As for Tom and myself well it has been pretty much the same ole' same ole'. The gardening really slows down this time of year - plants don't grow that much so most of the work is just maintaining. We are starting to get fall and winter plants started tho and as the days get cooler we will be back out there all the time. Now it is just way too hot which is why I am getting work done inside. We are making plans to start some major remodling and painting projects done inside starting with a redo of our masterbath complete with new sinks and countertops, moldings, ect. Tom thinks I have been watching way too many HGTV decorating shows but again it is part of life changes and making this place 'ours'.

Tom did manage to win us tickets from our local country station and we got to go and see Willie Nelson and John Fogerty for my birthday. We had a fantastic evening, weather was perfect for an outdoor concert and performances were top notch. He tried really hard for Kenny Chesney tickets but couldn't get them. The two Chesney concerts were sold out in less than an hour so the only hope was to try and win them. Oh well maybe next year.

I know I must have left something out but that pretty much sums up the past couple of weeks. Tom has plenty of pictures to post so he will be following in a couple of days with them. Until the next time - thank you all again for following our little journey through life - as you can see life is good albeit quiet here in the "Heartland"........

Lynne ~~he who plants a seed - believes in tomorrow~~


Anonymous Jo said...

I know exactly what you mean! We have just had new wood flooring installed, carpeting, countertops, sinks, faucets, and I'm getting ready to paint. It's alot of hassle, but isn't it fun? It has been too hot here also to work outside-we just mow and edge each week to keep it manageable. Glad to read your mama's ears are repaired and she can visit church again. God bless her!
PS - As someone with a healthy fabric stash, I'm think it might be un=American to get rid of fabric! LOL

18/8/06 6:51 AM  
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