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Friday, October 14, 2005

Football ~ Grandson Style

We spent part of last Saturday watching the grandsons play in their weekly football games. I think it goes something like this, but I'm not sure. There's 3 divisions that the kids play in in the Civitan sponsored Youth League. There's the Mini-Mites, the Mighty Mites, and Pee-Wee divisions. And there's the Blue teams and the White teams. Andrew plays in the Mini-mites, and Brad is in the Mighty-mites. They're both on a Blue team. It could make for a busy weekend if they weren't both on Blue teams, I think. John, the youngest, still has a couple years to go before he can play, if he wants to.
We got to the field in time to catch the 2nd half of Andrew's game, and stayed for the first half of Brad's. Before we got there, Dawn, the boy's mom, had won a raffle, a plate of cupcakes with icing piled high. during a break between the games, the little cheerleaders came around for another raffle to be held during the 2nd game. We bought a couple tickets for the cause, and then got busy watching the game. Then the rains came. First a light shower, that we fended off with a shared/borrowed umbrella (ours wasn't doing much good in the car on the far side of the parking lot). Then the rain got heavire, and I went for cover inter the trees. Then the lightning came, tha game was delayed, we were starting to drip, and it was halftime, so we decided to head back home. As we're walking in the door, the phone is ringing. It was Dawn, laughing at us for leaving early, because Lynne and I had won the raffle, and now she and the boys had ownership of OUR plate of cupcakes as well. Oh well...there's this weekend, and the weather's supposed to be clear and mild... a perfect day for football and cupcakes in the Fall.
From top to bottom --- Andrew lines up on defense, then is taking a break on the bench after being on the field for the 3rd quarter. Brad's team gets ready to take the field for their game, and Brad throws a block. and in the last picture, Mom watches on while Andrew enjoys one of the cupcakes, and John is busy winning a game on his gameboy.


Anonymous Laura said...

Celeste is gorgeous!

Thanks for all the support you lend to our family. We love you! Laura and her boys

19/10/05 11:32 PM  

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