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Friday, January 04, 2008

November was slow... the photo-taking department. Honestly, there wasn't much in the yard that was photo-worthy late in the Fall. With the drought continuing (and worsening), a lot of trees that normally give us some color simply dropped their leaves. The few that didn't, didn't start changing color until well into the month. These were taken late in November around Thanksgiving weekend.


I was still picking more banana peppers and cayennes up 'til mid-month, then the nights were getting too cool and too long for much more. This was the final batch that was picked.


As usual, the autumn decorations were scattered around the house, including a fall village scene that had been packed away for a while.


Thanksgiving this year was a little quieter, with it just being Lynne and I, Mom, and Dawn and Elex. The turkey made it very easy on us this year. When it came time to move it from the roasting pan to the platter, it helped us out by letting all the white meat come out at once, while leaving all the dark meat together in the pan. Sure made for easy carving :)

Mom must have been hungry, even though we were eating long before our somewhat 'normal' 6:00 dinnertime. She came out to the table early, and started fixing her plate while we were still being amused by the ease of the turkey preperation. After a while, dinner was set on the table, and after Mom saying the blessing, we settled in to another delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Since Thanksgiving came so early this year, that meant we could get an early start on decorating for Christmas. Of course, we had some helping hands, and what I've gotten to know as 'cat inspections' from our feline family :) Here, Simba oversees the construction of an outdoor tree made from a tomato cage, and Tinker then gives it an electrical inspection.

Of course, Shadow and Skittles had to make sure the garland was safe for big fluffy cats and little short-haired cats.

Last year, Skittles was just a kitten and new to all this decorating stuff, but this year, she kept an eye on Lynne, making sure each house, tree and rock was placed 'just right'.

Knowing there would be several weeks of work and inspecting yet to come, the cats wisely decided it was time to rest up for the busy December decorating days ahead.


That's all for now, friends and family. However.... what the last couple months lacked in pictures will be made up soon. The camera has gotten quite a workout over the last few weeks. But until next time, we hope all is well with everyone, and wish you Peace.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're spoiling us now. More pics!! Yeah!!! And... I've left a comment each time!

Love Ya!
Your Daughter

5/1/08 4:27 PM  
Anonymous Jan said...

What lovely flowers. I love to look at them, as I can no longer can work in the garden.


5/1/08 11:50 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Yay! All kinds of pictures, and we must be getting to the ones I REALLY want to see! :o)
9 trees, holey moley!

The fall gardens were lovely, even through your drought.

7/1/08 9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gonna make and can some salsa with all those peppers? I bet that would be some great stuff!!
One of these days, I promise, I'm going to make it down there to see this beautiful place of yours. Glenn has been and I'm so jealous!

Love you guys!

11/1/08 8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eva, If we knew you liked salsa, you'd have some already! We'll get some out to you soon :)

12/1/08 10:52 PM  
Anonymous Mary Lou said...

Hi Lynne & Tom,

This is such a great site! It took a while to read through it all but it was worth it. I especially love the flowers - I'm so jealous! Oh well, some day...

Love to you both,
Mary Lou

13/1/08 12:30 AM  

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