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Sunday, October 12, 2008

We're catching up -- August pics ;-)

Hi everyone --- and thanks for your patience. It's nice to know some of you anticipate our updates and pictures. This picture post will be shorter than some previous ones, mainly because, well, there wasn't much during the month that was photo-worthy in the yard. The drought continued, as did the heat, and the yard wasn't at it's best. But once again, it survived.

What August lacked, however will be made up in the September photoblog - which will be up towards the end of the week. It'll be worth the wait.... honest :) With all that said, off to the pictures...
Despite the hot and dry conditions, we still managed an assortment of veggies from the gardens. Here's some of what August blessed us with.


We spent a good part of the summer watching the grandsons, on days when they didn't have summer camp or weren't with friends. Here's John, enjoying an early morning breakfast :)

All three grandsons obviously aren't morning people, and this setting was observed more than once


One plant we tried this year was an ornamental pepper called 'Medussa'. We had a couple in pots, and the extras ended up in the raised beds. Something different that added a little color.


Lynne was able to get away and watch over Celeste while her Mom and Dad had some business to attend to, and she took these pics while they were together. What a cute little princess she's becoming!!!

Just a little moth on a Morning Glory leaf... because it was there, and I had the camera handy.

Backyard shots from the roof... it sure looks different from up there. The 2nd picture, that shows the Tulip Poplar tree, that was just a little seedling the spring before we got married 3+ years ago. It's now almost 20' tall!!!


My sister insisted I take some pictures of our hummingbirds, so - these are for you, Marge :-)


Everyone here is doing well. Mom still has her good days and her so-so days, but all things considered, we consider every day with her a Wonderful blessing. She's getting ready for bed now, and we're not too far behind, so I'll finish this for now.

Skittles, the shy cat, took time out to say HI and bye to everyone.


'Til next time, Take care, and God Bless. Thanks for taking time to check in here. Please leave us a note so we know you were here...

From the Heartland of NC.... Tom and Lynne.


Blogger Jackie said...

Thank you for the update!
I can't believe you get on the roof and take pictures.... geez louise! But that certainly shows how pretty everything is.

I can't wait to see the next set of pictures, I bet I already know what alot of them will be! :o)

13/10/08 10:48 PM  

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