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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finishing Up Christmas~

The Christmas season, 2007, was especially special this year, for Mom and the rest of us. We were introduced to the newest member of the family, Amaris!

Tracy, along with Amy and her daughter Amaris, spent a few days between Christmas and New Years with us, giving Mom lots of doting time with her newest great-great granddaughter.

Of course, Lynne got in on some of the loving, too :-)

And another indirect 4 generation picture :)

Mom was feeling well enough that we drove up to Ruth and Russ' house and celebrated Christmas and the holidays all over again.

Back at the house, the weather was nice enough that the grandsons could get outside to play a little 'baseball'

Back inside, no one was looking when Simba hijacked Amaris' baby seat :-)


More random shots from their visit...

And, in case y'all wonder, sometimes, we actually do see a little winter weather in mid-January.

That's all for now from our Heartland Gardens for now. The drought has carried on into February, but it looks like we may get some relief in the next week. Just in time for us to start playing in the gardens again!

Thanks again for stopping by. We really do like the little messages you leave us, and we're looking forward to springtime, and more pictures to share with you.

Please keep our Mom in your thoughts and prayers. She's had a rough few days lately, and is trying to fight off a case of Shingles and some other problems at the moment.

Thanks for visiting, and we wish all of you love and peace, from our little corner of NC, here at Heartland Gardens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics again. I like your little snowman.


14/2/08 6:37 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Aw, how cute was the little snowman! :o)

And the baby is adorable too! :)

Continued prayers for "Mom" and the whole family...

14/2/08 9:05 PM  

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