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This is a continuing story of the journey Forward shared by 2 people, Lynne and Tom. Both love to LIVE life to it's fullest, which currently means spending lots of time outdoors, working on various projects from gardens to patios, flowers to vegetables, sunrises and sunsets, birds and woodland critters, and spending time with family. Don't forget to check the monthly archives, and please feel free to leave us a comment so we know you stopped by.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

September ~ Pennsylvania Trip

As we had mentioned earlier, we had wanted to get up to PA to visit with Lee and Danny, and Lynne's sister Joyce early in September, but Tropical Storm Hanna altered our plans until the end of the month. With Ruth staying with Mom, we were able to get away for 4 days - of course, 2 of those days were spent driving, since the drive is 12 hours each way. There's not much of a story to go with these pictures... most of Lynne's time was spent with her sisters, while Danny drove me around some of his favorite off-road sightseeing areas. We managed to hit the Route 6 area at the perfect time for fall color. The weather wasn't the best, with it being cloudy or foggy much of the time, but that didn't keep us from getting some decent pictures. It's just beautiful in the mountains in the fall!!!

Some woodland photos

A few wildflowers we spotted

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon
While we were on this part of our afternoon out, Danny and I saw Canadian Geese flying over, deer crossing the road, a rafter of wild turkeys, and a black bear. Unfortunately, they all came and went before we could get stopped and out of the car. Oh well, the memories are there ;-) Here's some shots from the overlooks on the North side of the 'canyon'.

Just a neat old rundown house in Coudersport

There were lots of scenes like this - quaint little towns or farms nestled in the valleys.

We drove up to Amy and Alex's for a quick visit, and the view at their place was just as stunning as what we'd seen the past 2 days.

The view from Lee and Danny's front porch.

Things here at Heartland Gardens are well, and we hope all is well with everyone who stops by for a visit. I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from our granddaughter's birthday party in early October. I've got to get all caught up on all these pics, with the Holidays quickly approaching! Take care and God Bless, from the Heartland of NC.


Blogger Jackie said...

YAY! :-)

Hey, I know some of those sights too! How come you didn't go up the fire tower for pictures? I get dizzy going up, so my pictures are only half way up... :D

Thanks for sharing... looking forward to the next installment!

22/11/08 10:42 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

Jackie---HI! :)

Might have been the time of day, or where we were --Danny knows all the back roads, I was just along for the ride :)

22/11/08 11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so pretty up there in the mountains. I love driving around on those roads when the weather is cooperative.

Your Daughter

24/11/08 12:02 AM  

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