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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Some late arriving Wedding Pictures

The wedding pictures continue to show up. We had seen some of them this summer, but didn't have copies at the time. These are kind of special to me (Tom), because even with all the various pictures that were taken, only these few taken by our brother-in-law Danny managed to capture all the members of my side of the family that came out/down/over for the wedding. Since I'm grouping them all together here, well, I'll let you all guess from earlier journals who is who ;) My nephew Danny and I are obvious, and in some of the others, you can see Ruth's husband Russ, busy explaining something probably of great or insignificant importance to my sister and her husband. In another one, I'm certain he's acting as Quality Control taste tester for the roast pig that nephew Danny is about to feast on.

Besides Michael Geddes, our musician, (another shameless plug for Michael -- if you enjoyed his music at the wedding, please email him at for his current recordings available) there was another very special Michael that made the trip down for the wedding.

My cousin, Michael deBettencourt, drove down the day of the wedding, as the 'ambassador' representing all the deBettencourts, which are my Mom's side of our family. This was truely a last minute surprise, and Lynne and I really appreciate him taking time out of his busy schedule to share our special day.

Every time we get new pictures in, or look at the ones already posted, it's very easy for us to realize how truely blessed we were that special day back in July, sharing our wedding day with so many special friends and family.