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Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!!!

Well, if all goes well, the accompanying pictures will sort of follow the text. I wish each picture could be captioned, but with Blogger(TM), it doesn't work that way without a seperate entry, so, until we get our own website up and running, it works really well for us.
Thanksgiving, 2005. A very special day, with Lynne's Mom getting to see her great granddaughter for the first time. Mom was all about wantiing to hold on to little Princess Celeste.

Hello's to our neighbors, out and about on a pleasantly comfortable late November day. Two and three days earlier, it had been in the low 40's, 20's at night, and the forecast correctly called for another cold snap, but Thursday was sunny and mild between the cold fronts. The 3 grandsons, AKA" Critter Catchers from Clayton" spent much of the day outside, while dinner preparations were completed.
The day started early with Lynne baking a couple pumpkin pies, while the turkey got it's seasoning before settling down in a cooking bag for a few hours. Dawn and the Grandsons came over early enough to enjoy the mild afternoon outside ,after the video games got set up, doing whatever it is they do when our backs are turned... but guys, when you're playing Hide-and-Seek, you're much better off NOT hiding on the same porch your brother is counting from. There's 1-1/3 acres of yard and woods to hide in!!! *hint, hint* ;-)

Once Kevin, Jenn, and Celeste arrived, well, Celeste became the center of attention, and cameras suddenly were everywhere. Mom was very anxious to hold her newest great grandchild, and it was kinda neat seeing the 4 generations of women --- Mom, Lynne, Jenn, and Celeste. Soon, though it was time to get things set for dinner, a very simple but filling one, with turkey, gravy, dressing, mashed potatos, beans, corn, cranberry sauce, and the pumpkin pies and Dawn's apple crisp for dessert. Kevin was given honors of carving the bird, using a carving set that had been my parent's 'special occasion' utensils. Celeste took a nap right up until we all had finished, and after we finished our dinner, Celeste had hers, and Lynne had the honor of resting part of the afternoon away with her our granddaughter.

Thanksgiving, 2005. Living, laughing, loving. Memories shared and talked about. More memories made.

LIFE is alive and well here in the Heartland of NC.


Anonymous Snowy said...

Looks like you all had a really wonderful Thanksgiving. Great family photos!

26/11/05 9:28 AM  

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