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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Falls Last Hurrah

Every year it gets harder. Always trying to extend the Summer and Fall gardens just a few more days.

This year is no different. Despite several nights below freezing, numerous frosts, and very little rain here at our Heartland Gardens, some plants are just refusing to admit it's the 3rd week in November, and continue to surprise us with new or continuing blooms.

However, all good gardens must be trimmed and cleaned, weeded and covered and put to bed for the winter, so hopefully, they can once again produce whatever our flowers of choice will be next year.  Ours are slowly getting there. Probably too slowly this year, since it's already Thanksgiving Eve and soon time for Christmas decorating, inside and out.

One last trip around the yard these past  few weeks brings these photos, some plants that will hold out a little while longer, some that have gone to that great wildlife berm along the back property line for the birds to feed on for a while longer.

When Lynne isn't watching over me like a hawk, making sure I'm just pulling the annuals and not any perennials, she leaves this guy in charge.

Tomorrow, I'll raid our VERY scant pumpkin patch and bring these cute guys in for decoration :-)

Now that the gardens will be resting for the winter, Lynne will be here, filling everyone in with the decorating she's been doing during the fall, and what we're doing in the weeks leading up to Christmas... That is, if she can remember her password and figure out the changes that Blogger has made since her last real Blog post :)

Tonight, however,we are most thankful for our new-found friends on Twitter and Facebook, our long-time friends from various forums and blogs, and most especially, our families. All of you, near and far, add so much to our lives, and we wish  all of you a Wonderful Thanksgiving with you and yours.

Please leave a reply so we know you stopped by... we'll be back again soon!

Tom and Lynne


Anonymous Julee said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lynne, Tom, and to all your family as well. I never tire of seeing all the garden photos. You guys do such a wonderful job! Looking forward to Christmas decorating pics this year. What's new for Christmas 2010? ;)

24/11/10 11:24 PM  
Blogger Snowy said...

Beautiful photos and commentary. Enjoy the season!

24/11/10 11:32 PM  
Anonymous MRBROWNTHUMB said...

Some amazing blooms. I started Spanish flag from seed, but nothing came of it this year. At least I got to see it on your blog.

27/11/10 8:42 PM  

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