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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cats at work~

The cats have had a busy fall so far. Just doing cat stuff, but they do it really well. They lay around in the garden, keeping a watch out for any intruders. They patrol the deck railings, again keeping a watchful eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Front deck and back, always on patrol, always (sometimes) alert. We can truthfully say that since we've upgraded our Cat Security System (CSS) we haven't seen the first white rhinoceros, there's been no flying pigs at the feeders, and obviously, the pink elephants have stayed clear as well. ;-)

We also have our own 'homeland security', and when it's laundry time, the dryer gets a thorough inspection, as does the freshly washed laundry. One can never be too safe. Of course, with all this work, the cats require frequent rest.

It's Christmas Season, and that means it's decorating time!!! I play a minimal role in this, other than having made 23,497 trips to the attic so far for boxes and bags full of decorations (and the Tree and it's ornaments are STILL up there.) I bring them down, Simba inspects them, then Lynne goes about her decorating. Of course, Simba makes sure no one trys to make off with the empty boxes once Lynne has emptied them. All three cats will eventually take it upon themselves to inspect, and likely rearrange the all villages that Lynne establishes for this Holiday season. The last memo Lynne passed along to me was from CSS, where Director Simba simply stated "Trust me on this." (I'm anticipating several before/after decorating pictures in the VERY near future.) Naturally, this is when these fine feline specimens are "HER" cats.


Blogger alli said...

Rotflmao!!! Okay Tom did you have a little nip with your coffee this morning?

4/12/05 3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dontcha just love 'em :D Do they also "help" you make the bed ;)


4/12/05 6:27 PM  
Blogger Solak said...

LOL, Snowy... we do end up with an extra 'pillow' from time to time ;-)

7/12/05 11:15 PM  

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